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Use the graphing calculator to graph equations. Use the calculator buttons to type the equation into the equation box and click the graph equation.

You must use the multiplication symbol when terms are multiplied. Ex: put 4*x, not 4x into the calculator.

Below the equation box you will see a table of points for your graph. Above the "Table" button you will see a "Catalog" button. Here you will find other trigonometry functions to use in the equation. You can view trigonometry equations in radians or degrees by changing the selection by the equation box. You can also see more of the graph by clicking the green arrows above, below, to the left and right of the calculator. The table displays the x value and corresponding y value. This is very useful when you are finding a particular value of x or y. The Zoom button allows you to get a close up picture of the graph. The window button allows you to change the x and y minimum and maximum of the graph. The From and To Text boxes make the Table show the values specified. If you wanted to show from 10 to 20, put those values in for From and To. The xstep and ystep are how many units between each point on the graph.


Graphing Calculators are useful for providing a visual representation of the function or equation. By viewing the graph we are able to interpret patterns, estimate answers, and have a better general understanding of our function or equation. We provide this calculator for free in order to help students better understand math. Remember if you have a question that needs answered please visit Ask a Math Question